"It ends in the way it begins; with a burning sun and loneliness."
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He is, however, perfectly willing to fuck with time and reality.
And also steal your infants.

He didn’t steal anything. She literally asked him to take the baby. Don’t make him the bad guy just because she was a shitty sister.

I think you are severely misinformed as to how baby ownership works.
It was not her baby to give.
David Bowie is unquestionably the villain.

Which do you think existed first, modern custody legislature, or the goblin king? 
The girl was entrusted by her parents with the care and custody of the child. By the laws governing the goblin king and his transactions, the girl was the current rightful owner of the child and made a deal with the king to take the child. Perhaps you’re not familiar with english folklore. Fae have rules, they’re tricksters, they can be sneaky, but they never break the rules.

Slammin’ it down in the Labyrinth fandom tonight, kids.


Random thought: I want there to be an app sort of like Grindr but for fandom friendships. “Here are all the geeks in your area who will talk with you about Buffy for six hours straight.”


The best clock ever


Casual reminder that when the Doctor did this:


He thought he was kissing Rose goodbye. 

  • Guy: What do girls do at sleepovers?
  • Me: Pass the Bechdel test.


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